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Why Badalna

Fair and sustainable business clothing, produced in the highest quality, with a unique and young design and complete transparency.

Proving that fair can be young, cool and affordable – we will rethink the fashion industry shirt by shirt pushing out the borders for fair business fashion.

A Revolutionary Shirt

Let’s begin this revolution with a dress shirt that offers the best fabrics available, a unique design and most fairness in as many processes as possible.

Developed for the global citizen who is ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century with a lifestyle of the 21st century.

Badalna Shirt Features
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Social Support

We have traveled to India in April this year, visiting 12 different companies. This helped us to meet and getting to know every company throughout the complete process. We are working closely together with the owners which will help us to identify social projects along the whole supply chain.

With every dress shirt sold 10 € will go into a social fund supporting this projects. We will keep complete transparency about how much money goes into which project. Articles in our blog will help you to keep up to date with the progress.


Since the re-start of this project, we have been blogging about the development of Badalna. The highlights clearly are our videos about our Road to Fair Fashion and the process of the prototype development. We use our articles to get you involved and engaged – joining us towards fair business clothing. Moreover, we are publishing interviews introducing you to other starters in the fashion industry. Let us know what you think.

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Before we start the crowdfunding for our sustainable business shirts, you have the opportunity to become our Changemaker. As a Changemaker you indicate to us that you will back us by ordering a shirt the first day. We will make sure, you will not miss the best deals at the start of our crowdfunding campaign.

You support us to evaluate the demand of our family, friends and first supporters. This will help us to organize the marketing of our campaign more effectively. It also will make the production and delivery a much more smoother process.

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Our Action Fields

To create business clothing that meets the values of our generation needs a creative and brave approach to question the status quo. We from Badalna defined four actions fields, in which we are trying to push the possibilities by blending fairness and sustainability with quality and young design.

Natural Resources

Supporting local farmer

Reducing use of chemicals

Reducing use of water





Product Life



Waste Recyling


Fair Wages

Working Conditions

Workers Representation


We are working hard to get our news to you as convenient and easy as possible. The articles, pictures and videos are created with love and an eye on the topics that interest you. The most practical way is our Badalna Insider Mail. If you want to take it a step further, sign up as a Badalna Changemaker. Check out all the benefits that wait for you.

The reasons why we started Badalna …

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Rico Gärtner The Visionary

came up with the idea together with a friend a some time ago but was busy working the last years. His experience living and studying in the US, China, India and now Belgium truly sets him up, wanting to make the world a better place.

Julia Müller Design Magician

is our Designer at heart. During her studies in fashion at Germany based Burg Giebichenstein University of Art & Design she focused on sustainable man clothing which makes her our perfect fit.

Adela Ordonez Strategic Designer

our Strategic Designer, Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Originally, from Honduras she holds Degrees in Visual Communication, Art Direction and Strategic Design from three continents.

Victor Lopes Mascarenhas Sustainable Designer

is Co-Founder of Bolei Design, a Studio focused on sustainability. He believes in the transformative power of design and love and tries to bring this into the Branding of Badalna.

Stefan Blust Media Designer

the Media Designer one can only wish for his project. From creative Business Cards to amazing on the #roadtofairfashion videos no wish is unanswered.

Gokul Adviser

as owner of our production partner in India, Gokul is advising us on the production and export out of India. He moreover helps us to create a complete transparent supply chain.